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React apps using Next.js and Emotion.

Nextify is a simple boilerplate for React apps with Next.js and Emotion. Next.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production. Emotion is a high performance, lightweight css-in-js library.

Get Started
Nextify home page illustration
// Step 1: Create a directory for the new React app and from there
// initialize Nextify to generate the file structure *
$ npx create-nextify-app

// Step 2: Run development environment
$ npm run dev

// Step 3: Build production files
$ npm run build


// * Nextify requires Node v12+.


Zero ConfigZero Config

Automatic compilation and bundling. Optimized for production from the start.

Fast RefreshFast Refresh

Fast, reliable live-editing experience, as proven at Facebook scale.

Emotion CSSEmotion CSS

CSS-in-JS library designed for high performance style composition.

Code-splitting and BundlingCode-splitting and Bundling

Optimized bundle splitting algorithm created by the Google Chrome team.

File-system RoutingFile-system Routing

Every component in the `pages` directory becomes a route.


Flexible build customization, Nextify is just a custom Next.js setup.

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